Kerozin - Creative Propulsion

Kerozin is a production - postproduction company. We are specialized in 2D and 3D animation, VFX compositing and motion design.
/ ljubljana - slovenia /
/ iztok h. schutz / m: +386 41 732 661 / /
/ gasper vovk / m:+386 41 711 491 / /

/ berlin - potsdam - germany / jens pollak / m: +49 151 14474009 / /

  1. EKO Binz - Amimated film

    Production: Kerozin Ltd.
    Director, script, editing: Iztok H. Schutz
    Animation: Jure Prek, Iztok H. Schutz
    Modeling: Milos Manojlovic, Ales Mav
    Music and sound edit: Matjaz Moraus Zdesar
    Technical setup: Jure Prek, Milos Manojlovic
    Compositing: Ziga Dolar

  2. Ferrero Kinder animated commercial

    Commercial was made for movie theaters. It kindly asks viewers to turn off the phones during the show. Main characters are small milky drops who represents regular viewers. /Production: Kerozin / Client: Ferrero /Directed by: Iztok Schutz / Animation: Iztok Schutz, Ales Mav / Modeling: Ales Mav, Milos Manojlovic / Agency: Doticni /

  3. Atlantis - New Year campaign

    / agency: Saatchi / prod. house: Kerozin / prod: Iztok H. Šuc / diector, 3D, compositing: Gašper Vovk /

  4. Gorenje ULTRA white image film

    Image film was made for Gorenje. It is a worldwide respected home appliances manufacturer. Ultra white represents his new line of washing machines.
    / Production: Studio Arkadena / Postproduction: Kerozin / Director: Iztok H. Schutz / Producer: Hana Kovič / DOP: Vladan Janković / Edit and Grade: Iztok H. Schutz/ Compositing: Ziga Dolar / 3D modeling: Milos Manojlovic
    Music: Gregor Zemljic / Agency: Grey /

  5. Siol Planet

    Siol is biggest internet provider in Slovenia. We spent a lot of time on 3D and compositing to create this planet.
    / Production: S16 / Director: Eric Will / Post: Kerozin / Compositing: Casper Wolf / 3D: Ales Mav, Jure Prek /Agency: Pristop /

  6. Mobitel - Invisible bonds

    The idea was to connect people with invisible bonds. All the strings and ropes were wiped out in postproduction.
    / Production: Mangart / Director: Dick Buckley / Postproduction: Kerozin / Editing: Iztok H. Schutz / Compositing: Ziga Dolar, Casper Wolf / Music: Carla Bruni / Agency: Publicis /